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Accelerate and secure the travel experience with one seamless, contactless passenger facilitation solution.

Using mobile identity technology, paired with contactless,
biometric enabled access points, IDEMIA’s reservation-to-destination solution empowers passengers to securely access every step in their travel journey. 

“Royal Caribbean was looking for a way to further secure and enhance our customers’ experience, focusing on efficiency in the final step of the journey – clearing Customs at U.S. ports.  IDEMIA’s biometric solution cut the time it takes for debarkation of our over 3,000 passengers aboard each ship in half through real-time, contactless guest identification and seamless integration with the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol screening systems.”

— Captain Thomas Hinderhofer

RCL and Director of Cape Liberty Port Operations

Passenger Facilitation from Reservation to Destination

Time, personal safety, and convenience are paramount for consumers when choosing a travel provider. Using mobile identity technology paired with contactless, biometric-enabled access points, IDEMIA’s reservation to destination solution empowers passengers to securely access all parts of their travel journey with facial recognition, providing an effortless customer experience and reducing costs for your organization.
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TSA PreCheck biometric enrollments
to deploy a biometric passenger debarkation solution


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NIST-recognized face recognition leader

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Airlines & Airports

IDEMIA provides passenger facilitation solutions that help streamline and speed up the air and sea travel experience for the different stages of a passenger‘s journey from embarkation, to debarkation.

Using IDEMIA’s technology, passengers can conduct activities seamlessly and effortlessly across multiple contactless touchpoints such as dropping a checked bag, to boarding and everything in between.

Check-In & Bag Drop

Automate passenger check in and baggage drop with biometric-enabled passenger verification via mobile device or your existing kiosk infrastructure, eliminating the need for manual verification and freeing up agents to focus on higher-level customer service.

Member Lounge Access

Make loyal airline customers feel like the VIPs they are by letting them identify themselves contact-free using facial recognition when entering member lounges.

Domestic Boarding

Provide a faster, easier way for passengers to board their flight through contactless biometric identity verification, eliminating the need to present a boarding pass and freeing up agents to focus on customer service.

Cruise Lines & Ports

Use biometric technology to make cruise ship passenger embarkation and debarkation processing faster, more secure and contactless, while seamlessly complying with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol security screening requirements.


MorphoWave™ a 3D fingerprint technology capable of scanning fingerprints and identifying people with a simple wave of the hand offers contactless, simultaneous four-fingerprint capture, and on-the-spot identity verification in one device.

TouchPrint Enterprise (TPE) LiveScan

Law enforcement and civil agencies use IDEMIA TPE LiveScan to speed up the registration and enrollment of biometric data, while maintaining rigorous quality control at each step of the capture process.


IDEMIA’s biometrics-based solutions revolutionize the travel experience and allow for more accurate, more secure identification of travelers during check-in and at border control – increasing throughput and passenger experience without compromising security.

Security Checkpoint Access

With the need to keep up with the heavy flow of passengers at security checkpoints, IDEMIA’s effective and viable biometric technologies help support and automate the task of processing travelers, improve security and reduce wait times for passengers and personnel alike. 

Border Control

Use biometrics to quickly, accurately and more securely verify a passenger’s identity when clearing Customs, while not compromising on security. Integrates with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) Simplified Arrival program and meets CBP Air Exit requirements.

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Identity Management for Passenger Facilitation

IDEMIA uniquely provides a complete passenger facilitation solution that supports the full customer lifecycle from onboarding to managing and verifying digital passenger identities at scale, accelerating time to market and simplifying oversight.

The IDEMIA identity management platform offers a configurable architecture to scale up and down touchpoints across the travel journey to meet your organizations’ unique use cases. Choose from hybrid cloud or on-premise deployment and easily integrate the platform with third-party transportation provider and government systems.

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