What is Mobile ID?

It’s a new era of the driver’s license and Mobile ID is one way we’re taking Missouri to the next level. Mobile ID is a highly secure, digital version of your driver’s license or state-issued ID available in an app on your smartphone.

Mobile ID keeps user data secure and protects personal information by only storing info with the Missouri Department of Revenue and on the user’s device.

Mobile ID offers the convenience of contactless transactions when verifying your identity. Mobile ID allows you to have up-to-date versions of your license, like after an address change or license renewal, while you wait for your printed card to arrive in the mail.

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How to Enroll


Prove your identity and pay for your purchase from the same device at participating locations.

ID check with barcode scanning is quick and easy – and contactless.


Safer than carrying your ID in your wallet, the Mobile ID app is secure, using FaceID or TouchID.

Mobile ID puts you in control by letting you decide what information you share.


Mobile ID keeps user data secure and ensures privacy of personal information by only storing it within the state system of record and on the user’s device.

Privacy views allow you to verify your age without having to expose sensitive data like your birth date, height, or address.

How do I get a Missouri Mobile ID?


Download/launch the app and set permissions

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Register your phone number


Scan your ID


Take a selfie


Set up app security and go

How to Verify Mobile ID

How Do I Use My Mobile ID?

Mobile ID can be used in any context in which you would use your physical ID to verify your age or identity. A merchant can choose to physically verify the Mobile ID by identifying your birthdate from the rendered license under the “ID” tab. The moving portrait and the “Certify” emblem are added security features that allow the verifier to know it is not a screenshot.

Under the “ID” tab, a verifier is able to scan the back of the driver’s license, because the barcodes are the same. Just like your physical card, only the information on your driver’s license is shown.

A merchant can also verify Mobile ID by using the free “Mobile ID Verify App”, available in the App Store or Google Play. By scanning the QR code produced by the mID (tap the “Share” icon next to “Generate Privacy Code” on the “Me” tab), a Bluetooth connection is made and request will be sent to your Mobile ID to either accept or deny sharing your information with the verifying party.

Privacy Views

An ID holder can access privacy views through the “Me” tab in their app, allowing users to verify their age or identity while protecting personal information not needed for the transaction, such as address or date of birth.

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Enroll Your Business to Accept Mobile IDs

Join the growing list of businesses and state agencies that accept Mobile ID. Businesses can accept the Mobile ID with confidence, as digital IDs are verified against what is on file with the Missouri Department of Revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question?  Please view the Mobile ID FAQ page for answers to your most common questions.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please visit IDEMIA’s Mobile ID support site at for more support options such as email, live chat, and helpdesk service hours. 

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