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Mobile ID: Your Digital ID

Mobile ID allows users to create a contactless, highly secure, state-approved personal credential that resides on their smartphone that can be used as a valid form of ID both in-person and online, where accepted.

Two phones showing the mobile ID app.


Mobile driver licenses are free to download and use without the need to present any additional documentation beyond their driver’s license or ID card.

So many services in the private and public sector are reliant on confirming the identity of their end-users. Mobile IDs can drive greater efficiency for the government to distribute critical services and benefits, while unlocking new business models underpinned by high-trust transactions for the commercial sector.


Setting up a mobile driver license requires a physical driver license or ID card and compares a user’s data and selfie image 1:1 to their official driver record at the DMV, building on that powerful in-person identity vetting process and increasing trust in the digital credential as an authoritative root identity record.

Mobile ID is securely stored on a user’s device only, and not in a central database, which drastically reduces the likelihood of a cyberattack.

Additionally, the Mobile ID is locked behind the mobile phone’s unique PIN, Touch ID or face ID, so that if the device is lost or stolen, the ID is locked – unlike when a wallet is lost, and the full DL information can readily be viewed.

Man using liveness detection with phone.
Phone showing the Mobile ID app.


One of the most attractive features of Mobile IDs is the greater privacy they provide the end-user over legacy identity documents. Users control access to their data and no data can be shared without their explicit consent.

The amount of personal data shared is limited to what is needed for a specific transaction, meaning that if a Mobile ID holder is asked to prove their age for an age-restricted purchase, they only need to reveal that they are over the required age—but not expose their full birth date, address or other personal information found on a driver license. This unique feature provides higher levels of privacy and safety over physical licenses.

Using Your Mobile ID


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