Imprivata and IDEMIA partner to launch a first-to-market healthcare mobile facial recognition solution

We are proud to partner with Imprivata to launch a first-to-market healthcare mobile facial recognition solution that enables prescribers to remotely self-enroll to provide electronic prescriptions for controlled substances. This innovative solution leverages IDEMIA’s industry-leading facial recognition technology as recognized by NIST to increase convenience for prescribers while bolstering security for healthcare organizations.

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LEXINGTON, Mass., May 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Imprivata®, the digital identity company for healthcare, together with technology partners Aware and IDEMIA, today introduced an innovative mobile facial recognition solution, taking advanced security technology and enhancing and simplifying it for application to unique healthcare requirements.

Developed in partnership with established facial recognition providers, this first-to-market healthcare mobile facial recognition solution will help healthcare organizations improve security and compliance, substantially simplify usability and workflow, and advance their digital identity strategy. The solution enables seamless self-enrollment by the prescribers for electronic prescriptions for controlled substances (EPCS). This innovative facial recognition solution increases convenience for prescribers, bolsters security, and maintains compliance with DEA requirements for EPCS.

“Imprivata is leveraging advanced mobile recognition to simplify workflow and help prescribers and providers remain focused on their most important goal: delivering top-quality care” said Gus Malezis, CEO at Imprivata. “This technology partnership allows us to deliver a solution that adheres to an increasing need for mobile, remote and virtual workflows, which requires a robust digital identity strategy. This first application of mobile facial recognition strengthens our position as the market leader in EPCS technology by helping customers transition from the initial phases of implementing EPCS to now optimizing and simplifying EPCS as a high-value workflow for providers and patients, while bolstering cybersecurity and meeting DEA and other compliance requirements.”

“IDEMIA’s Biometric Services enables physicians to remotely perform the steps that previously required an in-person visit to establish confidence in the identity of the account holder. Our goal in the partnership with Imprivata is to create an exceptional experience for physicians while improving the trust and security of the healthcare ecosystem.”

Matt Thompson, Senior Vice President, Civil Identity, IDEMIA.

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