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Leaders delivering identity services to local government departments.

Market-leading identity enrollment, issuance & verification solutions

We empower government agencies to securely enroll, issue, and verify physical and digital identity credentials for millions of US residents. Our identity solutions offer ways for the public to securely prove their identity in-person and online to enable trusted transactions.

Our identity solutions span the full spectrum of enrollment, issuance and verification and are relied upon daily by government agencies across the US to securely deliver mission-critical services to millions of citizens. 

Provider of physical U.S. driver licenses
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DMV Testing, Enrollment & Issuance Solutions

Our robust set of DMV identity enrollment solutions improve operational efficiency and the customer experience inside and outside of DMV offices. Our products range from remote testing solutions to validate new driver knowledge to in-office enrollment and issuance products for accurately capturing driver photo and issuing AAMVA and REAL ID compliant driver’s licenses.  

Physical State Driver Licenses & ID cards

With more than 40 years of experience providing biometric solutions for identification and security, IDEMIA’s biometric platform offers a fast, secure, and cost effective range of products centered on an innovative Automated Biometric Identification System.

Secure Mobile Licenses & digital IDs

As the market-leading issuer of secure US driver’s licenses with a track record of innovation, we are partnering with DMVs to issue mobile IDs (mIDs) and Mobile Driver Licenses (mDLs). These digital credentials let citizens prove their identity online and in-person for more secure and efficient transactions. 

Document Authentication

Our identity proofing and verification solutions are used by government agencies who need to know and trust the people they serve. Citizens can securely complete critical transactions online, reducing the need for in-person office visits or the manual processing of identity documents – all without sacrificing security.

Fingerprinting Services

Our IdentoGO enrollment centers provide a wide range of identity-related services such as secure capture and transmission of electronic fingerprints for employment, certification, licensing and other verification purposes. Additional services, such as passport photos, identity history checks and fingerprint cards are available at some locations.

Law Enforcement Solutions

More than 30 North American state-level law enforcement agencies, and dozens of city, county, and provincial agencies, rely on IDEMIA biometric identification systems to help solve crimes and protect their citizens. IDEMIA offers local customers the same highly-accurate matching algorithms used by the federal government as well as best-in-class capture devices.

“We were looking for a solution that would help us deliver the support our residents needed and effectively lock out cybercriminals. IDEMIA’s Identity Verification solution delivers because of the biometric verification that works directly with our existing record system.”

— Shelley Zumwalt

Executive Director at Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

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