Smart Credentials

Smart solutions for securing physical locations and digital assets.

IDEMIA offers a variety of solutions for securing both physical locations and digital assets. This maybe in the form of a single smart card for both, like the ID-ONE PIV® card, or a USB key form factor for logical access only.

ID-One PIV-Converged Enterprise ID Access Badge

One card, multiple uses

ID-One PIV® smart card combines physical and logical access credentials into one card, thereby eliminating the need for multiple credentials. The card is manufactured according to FIPS 201 guidelines, which are the federal standard for ID cards, and FIDO2 for phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication.

Building Access

ID-One PIV® can be used with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) door readers and backend systems, making it easy to integrate into existing access control systems. It supports both legacy and modern door-access reader technologies to facilitate easy migration from vulnerable older technologies to the latest security protocols. Supported technologies for physical access include 125 KHz proximity, MIFARE® and magnetic stripe, barcodes, and modern secure technologies such as DESFire® and PIV. This eliminates the need to replace all access control infrastructure at time of adoption.

Network Access

The ID-One PIV® card supports PKI-based strong authentication methods and passwordless protocols built on standards such as FIDO2 and PIV for multi-factor authentication. Moreover, the cards
support the FIDO2 protocol, offering FIDO-based passwordless authentication resistant to phishing attacks. An on-card application based on the FIPS 201/PIV standard supports certificate-based authentication. And lastly, ID-One PIV® is NFC-enabled to support mobile devices and contactless use, making the credential convenient to use.

Secure Photo ID

Building Access

Workstation & Network Access

Email and Document Signing

Email and File Encryption

FIDO2 Authenticator

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