DMV Reimagined

Reimagining The DMV

Our solutions for DMVs empower citizens to securely complete more services remotely/online and allow agencies to streamline operations and improve the customer experience while reducing the visits required to complete transactions.

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Streamlined applicant processing

IDEMIA offers driver license and government ID issuers a technology solution to streamline applicant processing and lower costs while increasing productivity, resulting in less wait time for applicants and improved customer satisfaction. 

Improved interaction with applicants

Web Enrollment features an intuitive, user-centered design, displaying only actionable information to complete a transaction. CSRs spend time focusing on the applicant, not the screen.

Lower costs

Web Enrollment allows a primary capture workstation to share a queue and devices, such as cameras, with additional workstations — a great option for cost-conscious and/or space-constrained agencies.

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