Identity Proofing & Verification

Identity and Verification (ID & V) Solution

Identity Proofing & Verification

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The identity authentication market is transforming from a service delivery model characterized by in-person processes and physical credentials to a digital world, shaped by mobile applications and virtual services. IDEMIA’s Identity and Verification (ID&V) solution offers the means to securely verify an individual’s identity and to combat identity theft and fraud. Customers can complete transactions remotely online, reducing the need for in-person visits or manual processing of identity documents, without sacrificing identity security.

For the person whose identity is being verified, the process is as easy as taking photos of their identity document (e.g., a driver license) and a selfie. The power of the solution lies in IDEMIA’s expertise in developing industry-leading identity matching algorithms, and in longstanding relationships with state and federal government agencies. This allows IDEMIA to verify identity attributes and face images against data held by DMVs or other government agencies—without storing or retaining personal data in the Cloud. The solution can also easily be configured to draw on alternate authoritative data sources for enhanced identity assurance.

ID&V addresses the vulnerabilities created by existing password and knowledge-based authentication methods, and can be configured to a desired level of certainty, from secure to ultra-secure, depending on the sensitivity of the transaction.

Security and Privacy: Keeping Identity Data “On the Edge” 

This is key to the privacy-forward concept at the heart of IDEMIA’s vision: a user’s personally identifiable information (PII) resides in the system of record (SoR) and in encrypted form on a mobile device, never in a centralized “honeypot” of personal data. IDEMIA operates a trusted pass-through service to authenticate the digital ID against the system of record without sharing the actual personal data. This insulates consumers from misuse whether intentional or accidental.

Kantara Initiative “Trust Status”

IDEMIA’s ID&V solution has been approved by the Kantara Initiative as compliant with NIST SP 800-63 rev. 3 Component Service at Identity Assurance Level 2 (IAL2). This means the solution adheres to best practices for high-assurance identity proofing.

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