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IDEMIA has designed and deployed comprehensive biometric solutions for more than 450 government agencies in over 100 countries, and serves over 1,000 federal, state and local government agencies in the United States.

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TSA PreCheck® Enrollments Processed


Multi-modal Biometric Searches


Countries Have Deployed Our Solutions in Support of Government, Law-Enforcement, and Public-Private Partnerships


Average Score during 2021 DHS Biometric Technology Rally for Effectiveness for True Identity Rate


Leaders In Innovation

Our mission is to deliver Identity with Integrity in both the physical and the digital worlds. Backed by a portfolio of more than 1500 patents our solutions authenticate and secure physical and digital transactions across a broad range of applications including security, travel, law enforcement and civilian identity.

IDEMIA North America

Algorithm Fairness


Securing borders with end-to-end innovative biometric technology. The multi-biometric self-service TravelKiosk offers fast and accurate traveler data capture.

Global Entry Portal

Offers fast and accurate traveler data capture, allowing reliable immigration pre-checks and traveler registrations for air, land, and sea borders.

Credential Authentication Technology (CAT)

The next generation CAT 2 offers the best-in-class security with 1:1 and 1:N face match, Mobile ID acceptance, plus reservation verification and Secure Flight pre-screening status.

Mobile ID

Mobile ID adds a contactless way to verify your identity while taking significant steps to protect your personal information and privacy both online and in-person.

Mobile Biometric Check (MBC)

Contactless, field-tested, award-winning biometric capture technology for expedited identification.

IDent 2.0

Contactless, field-tested, award-winning Biometric Capture Technology for rapid identification.


Supervised Multi-Acquisition Remote Technology for Enrollment (SMART-E) is a next-generation proctored, remote biometric capture and identity proofing solution.

In Journey TSA PreCheck®

TSA PreCheck® enrollment is now available at an airport near you. Departing travelers can enroll in in five minutes or less, no appointment needed!

Smart Cards

Smart solutions for securing physical locations and digital assets.

ID-One PIV® Smart Cards

Standards-compliant security.

Identity and Verification (ID&V)

Achieving security and operational efficiency through remote identity verification.


End-to-end biometrically enabled access control solutions for secure installations around the world.


Grant or deny access to a facility using an innovative centralized, connected matching system that complements IDEMIA’s multi-factored approach using CAC/PIV and biometrics.

Augmented Vision

Video analytics for a safer environment.


Convenient and secure remote user enrollment.


Facial recognition-based vetting at the entrance, so members can access the facility at speed in the express lane.


Persistent surveillance of critical areas across the installation to ensure situational awareness of on-site personnel and monitoring of restricted zones.

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