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Latent Print Exclusions and AFIS Solutions

This course offers an in-depth study of latent print Exclusions, policies and procedures for reducing errors, print suitability, distortion, target groups, sufficiency, conflict resolution, and bias. Students will complete challenging latent print comparisons for hands-on experience with course topics. AFIS technology offers tremendous promise in preventing errors, and students will use AFIS for some class exercises. Upon completion, students will have gained confidence in their Exclusion conclusions through a deeper understanding of Exclusions, policy and procedure options, and AFIS technology.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the latent print exclusion conclusion and its importance
  • Describe their agency’s exclusion policies and other policy options
  • Demonstrate how to calculate latent print examination error rates • Demonstrate knowledge of research on exclusion error rates
  • Identify options for establishing and documenting latent print suitability
  • Identify target group types and differences
  • Demonstrate knowledge of hypothesis testing and sufficiency
  • Demonstrate use of AFIS technology in latent print analysis, comparison, and evaluation
  • Identify policies supporting conflict resolution
  • Demonstrate knowledge of bias affecting latent print examinations
  • Complete challenging practical exercises and participate in exercise discussion

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Course Length

5 days / 40 hours This course has been approved for credit towards IAI Latent Print Certification and Recertification

Pricing: $795 / Student



Eric Ray, CLPE

Eric Ray began working as a Forensic Scientist in 2007 and is a Certified Latent Print Examiner. He joined IDEMIA as a Product Analyst in 2019 to develop training, gather customer feedback, and recommend product improvements. Read full bio →

Instructional Design

Interactive lecture environment in-person or remotely via web conference software. The instructor will provide students with the presentation material, comparison exercises, and AFIS software.

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