Thought Leadership: Participate in America’s Mobile ID Evolution with the IDEMIA Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS)

Thought Leadership: Participate in America’s Mobile ID Evolution with the IDEMIA Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS)

It’s Time to Participate in the Future of Mobile Identity

IDEMIA’s IDaaS Enhances Your Business

Mobile Driver’s Licenses and IDs (herein referred to as IDEMIA Mobile IDs) incorporate powerful technology that can change the world for the better. Convenient, secure, and more flexible than the traditional physical driver’s license or ID, this new technology empowers consumers to assert their irrefutable identity online and in-person, on their own terms and with the utmost privacy. Simultaneously, IDEMIA Mobile IDs empower organizations to eliminate form-filling and significantly reduce onboarding and transactional friction to make it easier for customers to participate and share the information required for both online and in-person transactions. As the US moves forward on the road to a connected America, fraud and data theft loom large, making the protection of consumers’ identities and personal information of critical importance. IDEMIA Mobile IDs, which include those issued by government agencies like state DMVs, are a cornerstone of safer finance, retail, government services, healthcare and everyday life on our phones

The promise of mobile ID depends on more than innovative technology. The life-changing and digital transformation benefits of IDEMIA Mobile IDs demanded by society imply active participation from agencies, standards bodies, and relying parties working together to develop the infrastructure of interoperability and wide acceptance that will realize this technology’s potential. 

Just as IDEMIA’s Mobile IDs can transform the lives of Americans everywhere by putting them in control of their identities, they deliver massive benefits for enterprises and organizations of all sizes who participate in this empowering cultural shift. Merchants, financial institutions, and clinics that accept IDEMIA’s Mobile ID can take advantage of the reduced or eliminated need to store identity data, while providers of age-restricted products like alcohol, cannabis, and firearms can rest assured that their customers are properly proofed and vetted via an unbroken chain of trust back to the DMV.

Building on key ISO and NIST standards, IDEMIA Mobile IDs are here and the time to participate in America’s trusted, connected future is now. For big organizations and family businesses alike, accepting IDEMIA Mobile IDs is the easiest way to improve your service, please your customers, and take advantage of these risk-reducing tools.

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