Mastercard: IDEMIA Collaborates With Mastercard for City Key™ Partner Program: Expediting Access to City Services

IDEMIA is excited to be part of Mastercard’s City Key Partner Program and help Mastercard in expediting residents’ access to city services across over 25 cities globally. Through the program, city residents can have faster and better access to social disbursements to transit access and other essential services.

COVID-19 has accelerated the demand for governments to embrace the shift to digital and ensure equitable access to services for residents by taking steps to bridge the digital divide.​ Too often, millions of city residents are excluded from opportunity and shut out from the digital economy, making it difficult to reach them for economic and housing aid, safe transit options and other essential services. Correcting these inequalities is the key to a prosperous future for all.

Given the demand of local governments to empower their residents and visitors with Mastercard City Key solutions, Mastercard has invited its partners across the city ecosystem – from card manufacturers to financial institutions – to participate in the newly created Mastercard City Key Partner Program. The Mastercard City Key Partner Program will use collective experience and partner resources to empower city leaders with information, tools, technology and services that will scale and streamline Mastercard City Key deployments faster and more effectively. To date, a variety of financial Institutions, program managers, card manufactures, and technology partners have joined the program including Mobility Capital Finance (MoCaFi), Usio, North Lane, Transcard, and IDEMIA.

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