Arizona MVD and IDEMIA Partner to Provide E-Titling and Online Permit Test Solutions

Like all jurisdictions, the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (AZ MVD) saw a decrease in the number of office visits and a higher demand for online services when the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year. Thanks to its longstanding partnership with IDEMIA, the AZ MVD has been able to meet its citizens where they are—at home—with its cloud-based e-titling and online permit test solutions.

“People are looking for more online options, so we’ve seen huge growth in these two programs since COVID-19 [began],” says Eric Jorgensen, director, Arizona MVD, Arizona Department of Transportation. “Our customers have been very happy—and pleasantly surprised—with our online offerings.”

The partnership between IDEMIA and the AZ MVD started out as a traditional buyer/vendor relationship in 2013. But since then, it has grown into so much more.

“I love the push and pull we have with IDEMIA,” Jorgensen says. “I appreciate that they are forward-thinking, bring new ideas to the table and are consistently looking for ways to make the customer experience better—all while being willing to listen to our thoughts and ideas.”

Likewise, Thompson loves the collaborative nature of their relationship. “We’ve been testing a lot of new innovations with [the AZ MVD] in our effort to improve the customer experience,” he says.

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