Interview by FINDBIOMETRICS: IDEMIA’s Matt Thompson on the Reality of Mobile ID and ‘Identity on the Edge’

Interview by FINDBIOMETRICS: IDEMIA’s Matt Thompson on the Reality of Mobile ID and ‘Identity on the Edge’

FindBiometrics interviewed Matthew Thompson, SVP of Civil Identity to discuss what is required to create a trusted digital identity with Mobile ID. Highlights include the importance of state DMVs as issuers of trusted digital identity, our unique Identity on the Edge design philosophy and strong alignment with security and interoperability standards. Read the full interview here:

“IDEMIA's history in identity credentials in America goes all the way back to issuing the first photo driver's license in the U.S. in 1958…and we have effectively led every evolution in identity issuance and credentialing in the U.S…we think that this is the most major evolutionary step in identity since going back to that photo driver's license in the late fifties.”

IDEMIA’s Mobile ID solution is the focus in a new interview with three of the company’s top executives – Identity Solutions SVP Matt Thompson, joined by Chief Technologist Tim Brown, and Product Market Strategy & Partnerships head Dan Dabrowski. Speaking to FindBiometrics Founder Peter O’Neill, the executives explain how the COVID crisis helped to accelerate adoption of Mobile ID, lay out IDEMIA’s extensive work with DMV agencies, and detail the real advantages that their solution brings to bear for such agencies and end users alike. They also delve into the groundbreaking design philosophy that underpins IDEMIA’s Mobile ID solution – “Identity on the Edge”…

Read the full interview at FindBiometrics here.

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