IDEMIA at FTE Global 2022

IDEMIA at FTE Global 2022

Showcasing Solutions for a Secure & Seamless Travel Experience at FTE Global 2022

IDEMIA will be among the world’s premier air transport industry experts gathering at the ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas for the 16th annual Future Travel Experience Global 2022 September 6-9, 2022. The conference is for industry experts to come together to learn, collaborate and be inspired on how to transform passenger experience, business performance and sustainability strategies. A new world of frictionless travel is here, and it’s powered by IDEMIA technology.  Identity verification through innovative touchless technology is no longer a thing of the future, but is already being deployed across the busiest airports in the U.S.

IDEMIA provides technology and business processes that allow travelers to move through a checkpoint securely and conveniently, allowing for greater passenger throughput and an improved passenger experience.  How do we do it?

In general, three things happen at any checkpoint:

  • Validating an identity document (i.e., ensuring a document is real, not fake)
  • Matching the traveler to that identity document
  • Confirming that the person has a reason to transit the checkpoint (e.g., they are booked on a flight departing that day)

IDEMIA has technology to streamline and enhance every step in this process:
  • Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) ensures ID authentication, reservation verification and Secure Flight pre-screening status are known in near-real-time at the airport security checkpoint.
  • ID2Travel is an interoperable platform that uses biometrics and identity proofing to enable a secure, seamless, frictionless passenger experience from mobile check-in through every touchpoint in the passenger journey.
  • IDEMIA Travel Kiosk offers fast and accurate traveler data capture, allowing for a streamlined border crossing experience through contactless biometric technology.
  • Biometric Bag Drop with mobile ID is a self-contained biometric solution that reads and authenticates an ISO 18013-5 mobile ID and performs a 1:1 verification of the traveler’s live facial biometric against the portrait image unlocked from the mobile ID. It reduces wait times and provides an overall seamless experience, simplifying and shortening the process for checking bags.
  • IdentoGO Enrollment Tablet a compact, portable, all-in-one biometric capture and identity proofing solution. Developed for TSA PreCheck® to modernize the experience and approach, the tablet can capture fingerprints, photo, and ID document images; read, write, and authenticate smartcards; and collect credit card payments as a full point-of-sale solution.

These solutions can be combined to provide faster throughput with a more secure level of identity verification and assurance, at lower cost to the customer​.

When it comes to the use of biometrics in the traveler ecosystem, IDEMIA is working to enhance travelers’ experience in the U.S. with the introduction of innovative new technology at every checkpoint, resulting in a secure, contactless, and seamless experience.

To learn more about our solutions, stop by Booth D1, or email to meet with our subject matter experts.

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