Texas Department of Public Safety Chooses IDEMIA for Background Check Fingerprinting

Reston, Va., October 27, 2022 – IDEMIA, the leading biometric solutions provider for state and local agencies, announced today that the State of Texas, through the Texas Department of Public Safety has awarded the company a contract to support fingerprint capture for a wide range of state services which require individuals undergo a criminal background check.  The one-year contract has four additional options for one-year renewals.

IDEMIA’s contract covers fingerprint capture for the Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas (FAST) program, which provides all Texas criminal background check applicants with a secure and professional process to submit their information. 

“With the wide range of jobs and activities in Texas that now require a criminal background check including fingerprinting, we’ll be supporting the FAST program with our best-in-class capture solutions. Our technology brings the best in biometrics which delivers more seamless operations, quicker turnaround times and tighter security, giving Texas the tools it needs to serve citizens across the state who need to obtain a background check.”

Casey Mayfield, Senior Vice President, Justice and Public Safety, IDEMIA North America

IDEMIA delivers expertise deeply rooted in biometric technology, specifically, the secure capture and transmission of electronic fingerprints for employment, certification, licensing, and other verification purposes. The company is a trusted and authorized service provider for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and one of the few companies approved to submit fingerprints to the FBI as well as receive criminal history record information back from the FBI.

Earlier this year, IDEMIA launched an on-site, no appointment needed TSA PreCheck® enrollment service at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in addition to its enrollment locations throughout the state. More broadly, IDEMIA is the trusted provider to thousands of state and county agencies for secure enrollment, issuance, and verification of physical and digital identity credentials which enable interactions with government agencies, ensuring greater citizen inclusion and the delivery of mission-critical services. 
For more information about the Texas FAST program, click here.

About IDEMIA I&S North America
IDEMIA I&S is a leader in identity security and authentication services to governments and private companies, operating in North America. Our mission is to help people access what matters most more quickly, more safely, and more securely, in both the physical and the digital worlds. Our best-in-class technology helps to authenticate and secure physical and digital transactions. IDEMIA is recognized by the National Institute of Standards (NIST) as a top-ranking participant in the Institute’s passenger facilitation simulation testing as well as in its regular Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) rankings, reinforcing the trustworthiness and reliability of IDEMIA’s facial recognition solutions for government and consumers alike. Learn more at IdentityWithIntegrity.com.

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