Pulse Video Series


IDEMIA Pulse is a video series where in-house experts from IDEMIA talk about the “why.” We keep our finger on the pulse of best practices and advancing innovations for mission-critical solutions in North America. 


TouchPrint Enterprise (TPE) LiveScan: Capturing Biometric Data for Law Enforcement and Civil Enrollment

In this episode we talk with Ilene Rickard, Director, Solutions Architecture, about IDEMIA’s TPE LiveScan solution and why it stands out among the competition.  


Mobile Biometric Check: Providing Real-Time Identification for Law Enforcement

In this episode, we sit down with MBC Product Manager, Ross Krewenka, to learn how this award-winning contactless technology is changing the game for law enforcement by providing them instant identification matches in the field. 


A Conversation with IDEMIA CTO Doug Harvey

In this episode, Vice President of Solutions Srini Singaraju talks to IDEMIA CTO Doug Harvey about what makes IDEMIA’s approach to developing identity technology unique, the diverse and cross-cutting applications for this technology, and his vision for the future of identity.


IDEMIA-NSS and ID2Access: Providing Access Control for Mission-Critical Assets

In this episode, Senior Director of Product Marketing Jessie Hillenbrand speaks with VP of National Security Solutions Evan Bays about the relationship between NSS and IDEMIA, and about ID2Access, an access control solution specially adapted to the needs of federal customers. They discuss a recent deployment of the solution and the way in which it has been solving challenges around throughput and visitor vetting.


TSA PreCheck® enrollment by IDEMIA

IDEMIA has been providing enrollment services for the TSA PreCheck® trusted traveler program since 2013, and continues to innovate to make the enrollment experience as accessible, convenient, and secure as possible. Learn more in this episode of IDEMIA Pulse featuring Sr. Director of Federal Marketing, Jessie Hillenbrand and SVP for Travel & Transport, Lisa Sullivan.


The DHS Biometric Technology Rally: Interpreting the Results

The DHS Rally is a closely watched event in which biometric technology providers can benchmark their technology’s performance in a simulated real-world scenario. In this episode, Program Manager Krystal Smith talks to IDEMIA VP for Innovation and Client Engagement, Teresa Wu, about the results from the 2021 rally and how to interpret them, along with IDEMIA’s performance and its implications.


Privacy by Design: The IDEMIA Advantage

What sets IDEMIA apart from other digital identity providers? We call it “privacy by design.” In this episode, IDEMIA Program Manager Krystal Smith speaks with CEO Donnie Scott on IDEMIA’s reach and impact, and on how our philosophy around data privacy informs everything we do.


ID2Secure: End-to-End ICAM for Federal Customers

Most ICAM solutions used today are made up of siloed components with highly customized and expensive-to-maintain integrations, making it harder to adapt to changing circumstances or to easily adopt new technologies.

ID2Secure is a truly modular solution that offers a complete set of FICAM capabilities that customers can choose from to arrive at an HSPD-12 solution that meets their needs. Learn more in Episode 4.


PIV cards and CACs: More than just ID

If you work for the Federal government, there’s a good chance there is an IDEMIA logo on your identity card, but not many people know who IDEMIA is. Find out more about our work providing identity credentials to Federal agencies, and how we see these products evolving.


Identity Management and Credentialing for the U.S. Federal Government: Leading Today and Innovating for Tomorrow

IDEMIA is the undisputed leader in identity credential issuance for federal government and is also innovating and looking towards “what’s next.” In this episode, Krystal Smith, Sr. Program Manager, talks to Raj Kalsi, Director of Solutions Engineering, about IDEMIA’s leadership and innovation for the future. 


Identity Proofing: The What and the Why

In this inaugural episode, host Srini Singaraju, IDEMIA North America’s VP for Solutions, talks to Jonathan Distler, IDEMIA North America’s Director of Solutions Architecture, on what identity proofing is and why it matters. 

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