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A new world of secure, frictionless travel is here, and it is powered by IDEMIA technology. Identity verification through innovative, touchless solutions is no longer a thing of the future but is already being deployed across the busiest airports in the world.


An interoperable digital identity credential built on biometrics that can be used to secure and streamline the traveler experience.


Securing borders with end-to-end innovative biometric technology. The multi-biometric self-service TravelKiosk offers fast and accurate traveler data capture.

Credential Authentication Technology (CAT)

The next generation CAT 2 offers the best-in-class security with 1:1 and 1:N face match, Mobile ID acceptance, plus reservation verification and Secure Flight pre-screening status.

Biometric Bag Drop

Innovative and first-of-its-kind, this self-contained biometric solution streamlines in-airport bag drop using secure biometric-based identity solutions and Mobile ID.

Enrollment Tablet

Multi-Biometric capture from anywhere, anytime. An industry-changing, portable, biometric capture and identity proofing solution.

TSA PreCheck®

TSA PreCheck® allows low-risk travelers to experience faster and more efficient security screening. To date, IDEMIA has processed over 18 million enrollments to date.

In Journey TSA PreCheck®

TSA PreCheck® enrollment is now available at an airport near you. Departing travelers can enroll in in five minutes or less, no appointment needed!


Offers a secure, reliable, and accurate solution for capturing facial biometrics. Working quickly and easily, MFACE™ allows for maximum throughput.

Global Entry Portal

Offers fast and accurate traveler data capture, allowing reliable immigration pre-checks and traveler registrations for air, land, and sea borders.


Supervised Multi-Acquisition Remote Technology for Enrollment (SMART-E) is a next-generation proctored, remote biometric capture and identity proofing solution

Mobile Biometric Check (MBC)

Contactless, field-tested, award-winning biometric capture technology for expedited identification.

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