Thought Leadership: The Importance of Standards on the Road to Mobile ID

Thought Leadership: The Importance of Standards on the Road to Mobile ID

A Trustworthy Mobile ID is Within Reach

Standards are the Indispensable Foundation of Trustworthy Licensing, Identification and Credential Systems

IDEMIA contributes to international industry standards-developing organizations and is pioneering standards-based mobile ID and mobile driver’s license solutions (herein referred
to as IDEMIA Mobile IDs) to ensure that – as connectivity and mobility continue to transform American life – licensing, identification and high-value credentials remain trustworthy, privacy enhancing and secure. IDEMIA Mobile IDs bridge the gap between your physical and digital life, protecting your data and making access easy. IDEMIA Mobile IDs can also be rapidly implemented by ID issuers with little impact to resources, at very low risk, affordably, and with built-in future-proofing and interoperability. 

Standards are the invisible magic that make licensing, identity, and the credential infrastructure reliable, trustworthy, and more affordable and lower-risk to implement. Institutions issue licenses and certificates – credentials – that represent entitlements, qualifications, or capabilities. Issuers establish policy and procedures to verify both the individual’s identity and their qualifications, and to protect the integrity of their credential systems. 

Verifiers gain higher confidence in credentials that use proven standards like those used in IDEMIA’s Mobile IDs because the verifiers have insight into the issuers’ processes and controls by design: they can confirm that the presented credentials are genuine, have a strong binding to the root of trust, and know the information contained on or within the credential is authentic. These standardized processes and infrastructure also reduce the risk of fraud, identification errors, and misrepresentation.

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IDEMIA Public Security North America is a leader in identity security and authentication services to governments and private companies operating in North America. Our mission is to Unlock the World, Make It Safer – helping people access what matters most, more quickly, more safely, and more securely, in both the physical and the digital worlds. Our best-in-class technology helps to authenticate and secure physical and digital transactions. IDEMIA is recognized by the National Institute of Standards (NIST) as a top-ranking participant in the Institute’s passenger facilitation simulation testing as well as in its regular Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) rankings, reinforcing the trustworthiness and reliability of IDEMIA’s facial recognition solutions for government and consumers alike.  

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