DMV On The Move – IdentoGO Tablet Makes DMV Services Portable And Accessible

Reston, Virginia (Sept. 7, 2021) – IDEMIA, the global leader in augmented identity, announced today that it has launched its IdentoGO tablet to enable state DMV agencies to provide ID card and driver’s license enrollments outside the DMV office, effectively reimagining how and where DMVs can serve residents.

Currently in use in Kentucky, the ultra-portable IdentoGO tablet is tailored to the needs of DMV examiners across North America and provides a familiar experience to the typical in-office enrollment process.

“IDEMIA has developed expertise in the needs of the DMV over our 60 years of partnership. Now, after a year when DMVs struggled to serve their customers under very difficult conditions, this first-to-market tablet gives them the ability to make ID and driver license enrollments far more accessible. The IdentoGO tablet builds on our ‘DMV Reimagined’ solution set while bringing us a step closer to achieving our ‘One DMV Visit for Life’ vision.”

The IdentoGO tablet with Web Enrollment software can be used just like IDEMIA’s in-office application to capture applicant photos and signatures (or even a fingerprint), conduct surveys, and capture documents for identity verification. When in remote environments, the enrollment solution can work without Wi-Fi access — examiners can work offline and then upload and merge applicant records when back online. When a suitable photo backdrop is not available, the innovative and patented IDEMIA Virtual Backdrop enables a resident’s photo to be taken and be replaced with a background compliant with American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) standards.

“The IdentoGO enrollment tablet is poised to change the way we serve our driver license customers, especially in remote locations. The results from our initial pilot and use of the IdentoGO tablet in production have already proven successful and beneficial to the Transportation Cabinet and our customers. We look forward to expanding our use of the technology statewide to offer “pop-up driver licensing” to better serve Kentuckians in counties without a regional licensing office. It’s a key part of taking driver licensing to the next level in Kentucky.”

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